Mar 07, 2024 Position opening We are opening 1 PhD and 1 Postdoc position and 2/3 internships to work on secure DNN hardware accelerators within ATTILA project
Mar 02, 2024 Publication New paper @ AeroConf 2024: On-board Payload Data Processing Combined with the Roofline Model for Hardware/Software Design. [HAL]
Nov 14, 2023 Publication New paper @ CARDIS 2023: Attacking at non-harmonic frequencies in screaming-channel attacks. [arXiv], [HAL], [Springer]
Oct 02, 2023 Publication New paper @ EDHPC 2023: High-Level Synthesis-Based On-board Payload Data Processing considering the Roofline Model. [HAL], [IEEEXplore]
Nov 01, 2022 Publication New paper @ SiPs 2022: Virtual Triggering: a Technique to Segment Cryptographic Processes in Side-Channel Traces. [arXiv], [HAL], [IEEEXplore]