About me

rsalvador_rounded1I am an Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at CentraleSupélec in Rennes, France. I hold a joint appointment at IETR (Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes), SCEE team (Signals, Communications and Embedded Electronics).

I obtained my PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering at CEI, UPM (Center of Industrial Electronics, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) in 2015. My thesis co-supervisors were Eduardo de la Torre (CEI, UPM) and Lukáš Sekanina (Brno University of Technology).

In 2017 I was a visiting research professor (5 months) at IETR-INSA Rennes and in 2009 a visiting research student (4 months) at the Department of Computer Systems, Brno University of Technology. Previously, I was a Research Assistant at CEI, UPM (2006-2011) and at the Intelligent Vehicle Systems division, University Institute for Automobile research (INSIA, UPM, 2005-2006).

My research interests lay in high performance and self-adaptive embedded systems, with the main focus put in (the design and programming of) reconfigurable & parallel heterogeneous architectures for computational acceleration and system self-adaptation. The current application domain of my work mainly targets wireless communications (computing architectures for Tbps signal processing, cognitive radio, hardware security), and spans to self-adaptive hardware in harsh environments and machine learning acceleration in hyperspectral image processing for cancer detection.